The Reception Area, the Image Maker of the Company

reception counters1The reception desk is important in a company because it is the first thing you encounter when you walk into an office. It makes the first impression of the office and staff who work there. A reception counters must be welcoming and the furniture should stand out for a good impression to be made.

The reception desk is where the operations in a reception are happens. It is the place where visitors make inquiries and sign in. It is essential in making a good impression so it should be a desk that looks good as well as official. It should match the image of the company and what clients need. The reception counter must have abundant space for storage of files, bills, correspondence and showcase a company product or logo.


Different types of reception desks or counters can be incorporated to an office to improve productivity from staff and clients.

The first type is a modern wooden reception desk is best used for offices with beams and legs of aluminum. The wood used in this desk varies form oak to ash while the top can be made from glass and can be seen in right angle or curved design. The second type is reception desk with glass panel. It may seem like a straightforward wooden desk but it has a textured glass panel front as it its unique feature.reception counters2

The low height reception desk is the third type and mostly found in restaurants and hotels. The low height of the table makes for clear interaction and easy transactions. The fourth type is the modular reception is contemporary and can be installed in different shapes. They can be either aluminum or wood with glass panel. You can change the appearance of a room instantly because this desk type separates into pieces. It also makes relocating efficient and can make a room larger or smaller.  Reception desks with a curved design can split up a large room and linear or straight lines make a room more modern.

The fifth is the L-shape reception desk and found in schools because it provides privacy for the receptionist. It can be made from wood or iron with high low glass panelling. The sixth type is the U shaped desk. It has both aesthetic and traditional furniture and has more space for packages and documents. The desk shows a rich look because of the decorative wood mouldings, rich hardware and recessed panels.

Tips To Choose The Right Coffee Table

CoffeeTableA coffee table can be one of the most stylish pieces of furniture that you have kept in your home. The best thing about coffee tables is that they don’t occupy much space, mist provide you the right hint of elegance, grace and comfort in the room. There are many people around who pay a lot of attention to the kind of coffee table they are buying. They are not just bought for the sake of having some good time near the window, but also because they provide a way to show off your taste in furniture and design. By keeping a coffee table, you can give a more cohesive look to your room and also solve the issue of additional seating.

While choosing the right coffee table for you, you need to make sure that you are bringing something that would really last long and provide you a good look as well. You can either choose a coffee table online or go for shopping in your nearby furniture store. Both the kind of stores would be providing you with numerous choices and help you in finding the right balance between price and quality. The choice of the store would mostly depend on your preferences. However, there are three very important things that you need to keep in mind while buying this kind of furniture. Here is a brief explanation of all you need to take care of.

  • Size- while choosing a good coffee table, you must be aware of the fact that it is not going to be placed in the center of the room. Therefore, don’t buy anything that is too big for you. The coffee table needs to be placed in a different corner of the room and there must be a gap of at least 1 and a half feet between the two. You must not buy a coffee table that is more than 2/3rd the size of the sofa of the living room. Remember, the smaller the gap between the two, the smaller coffee table you must buy.CoffeeTable1
  • Shape- there is a huge variety in shapes for the coffee table. If you want an informal setting, go for round or oval tables. If you want something more formal, go for rectangular or square tables.
  • Style- chose a style that matches closely with the style of the sofa or furnishings of your room. Don’t go for an absolute contrast in any case.

Sleeping on a Cloud

1263homewareandfurniture1GFHave you ever wondered what a night’s sleep in Heaven feels like? I think I may be able to tell you. I recently opened up my wallet and invested in a set of Egyptian cotton, twelve-hundred thread count sheets. This is luxury bed linen that should be reserved for saints and angels. I may never be able to sleep on standard sheets again.

Thread count matters

Surprisingly, many people do not know what thread count means. It is actually very simple. When you look closely at a square inch of a sheet, there are horizontal and vertical threads interwoven. If there are three-hundred horizontal and three-hundred vertical threads, the sheet has a thread count of six-hundred.

Why does this matter? The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet will be to the touch. Manufacturers call this the hand. A softer hand offers a more comfortable experience to the skin.

Most designer bedding runs in the lower numbers, generally two to three-hundred thread counts. The draw of these sheets is the pretty patterns, which are generally printed, instead of woven. I like to call these starter sheets. This is fine for your college dorm room or children who will not be able to appreciate the finer linens. These closer resemble sandpaper than a cloud. Very affordable but not overly comfortable, but the Spiderman pattern is catchy.

To balance cost and comfort, the economical choice is what most stores sell off their shelves. They run between three-hundred and five-hundred threads. Most have subtle design patterns that won’t wow anyone, but offer a decent night’s rest.

Material counts, too1263homewareandfurniture1GF1

Standard bedding is usually made of a cotton blend. For a few bucks more, you can get a pure cotton set of sheets with a low thread count. This is what most of us middle-classers buy. It feels great, but not heavenly.

Luxury bedding will usually be made of sturdier and higher quality material like the Egyptian cotton I mentioned above. This material breathes better, which wicks away body moisture. That may not sound like much, but for someone who sweats a lot under the covers, this is an amazing feature.

While polyester and poly-cotton blended linens tend to come out of the dryer less wrinkled, they lose their softness the more they are washed. A high-quality cotton sheet, on the other hand, will get a softer hand as it gets laundered over and over. You will start sleeping on cloud five, but over time gradually upgrade to cloud nine.

I am no saint, and unlikely to achieve angel status in the afterlife. However, my time on earth, at least while sleeping, will make me feel like I already am.

Custom Made Furniture

Custom Made Furniture 1If you live in one of the more quirkily constructed properties, with rooms of unusual shapes and sizes you may find it difficult to find off the peg furniture that fits in with its surroundings. Alternatively, you may be one of the home owners with an individualistic nature, who would prefer to have furniture that is entirely bespoke. In either of these cases there is a solution to the problem in the form of custom made furniture. We set out below some tips on the process of choosing your custom built furniture and selecting the design of the furniture itself.

The Design

When you decide to install custom made furniture in your home the first task is to find the right contractor to design, build and fit the furniture. Because the intention is that the custom made products should fit in perfectly with the shape and size of your house it is essential that the contractor visits the property first and takes the necessary measurements. Once the house has been measured, your contractor will have to design the furniture. The design could be one of the existing designs in a catalogue or you may wish to have an entirely original design. Either way, you will need to work in close collaboration with the designer to ensure that your requirements are closely followed. Once your ideas have been shared with the designer you should be provided with a set of drawings showing how the finished product will look. Many furniture designers now utilise software that allows them to produce 3 dimensional images of their designs which give a more exact idea of how the furniture will look once it has been built and fitted into the relevant rooms of your house.

The Fitting

Most furniture designers will have their own dedicated team of furniture fitters whose role is to install the finished products in your home. If they do not have a fitting team you will need to find one from an external source. If this is the case it s wise to involve the external fitters from the outset as it is likely that they will want to liase with the designers to ensure that any special requirements for the actual fitting of the furniture are taken into account.

Choosing the Right Contractor

As with any work that is being carried out by external contractors, it is essential that you take all necessary steps to find the right person. Ask your friends and relatives if they are aware of any custom made furniture designers and/or fitters. Check the local members of the relevant trade associations and search the internet for furniture designers and fitters. Before engaging a contractor, ask for some photographs of previously completed works and request copies of any customer commendations that he has received. Remember, the design, construction and fitting of custom made furniture requires a highly skilled team of professionals and this fact should be reflected in the care that you take in engaging the right people.  Finally, before selecting a particular contractor or contractors you should always obtain at least three separate cost quotations. The cost of custom made furniture can vary widely between contractors and although you will clearly want to have the job done as economically as possible, the cheapest price will not always produce the best outcome.


Fitting your house with a range of bespoke, custom made furnishings is unlikely to be the cheapest way of furnishing it. However, if, because of the nature of your property, having the furniture purpose built is the best option available or if you simply decide that you want to have wholly original furniture in your house, it is an option that you may well wish to take. If you do, following the above steps may help to ensure that the whole process run as smoothly as possible.

Inventive ways to refurbish wood furniture

refurbish wood furniture 1Before you throw away a piece of wood furniture or burn it on the fire, you should bear in mind that refurbishing an item of wood furniture can give the room a whole new look and feel. Natural refurbished furniture can be a great addition to a room, as not only can it generate a brand new look, but it will also leave you with peace of mind that you are helping preserve the environment.

If you are new to the refurbishing furniture game or simply lack the knowledge or confidence about where to get started, take a look at the following creative ways you can transform that solid teak wood from Tanzania into a piece of furniture that is guaranteed to get tongues wagging and compliments sent your way!

Bring out the wallpaper

When you think about restoring naturally sourced wood furniture, sandpaper, stains and paint immediately spring to mind. While you might think these items are the only tools at your disposal, why not get ultra-creative and inventive by throwing some wallpaper into the mix?

For example, if you have a solid wood coffee table that despite its strength and robustness, years of kids scribbling and coffee cups being placed on the surface has meant it has seen better days, simply covering the table’s surface in attractive wallpaper will transform the item out of sight. Remember to apply a second layer of glue to the surface of the wallpaper to protect the paper.

In short, don’t’ dismiss the idea of transforming shabby, unwanted items of wooden furniture with some inventive use of wallpaper.


Decoupage is a buzzword in the world of upcycling and refurbishing furniture. While you might not be inclined to cover a solid oak dining table in decorative cut-outs, if you have any teak furniture or other naturally sourced wood furniture that, due to its natural resilience you are reluctant to throw out, using the decoupage technique might prove a shrewd move.refurbish wood furniture 2

For example, if you have an old solid wood chair that has seen better days, one way to practice decoupage would be to cover the chair with bright, floral-patterned napkins. You can mix your own decoupage mixture by using water and glue. Of course napkins aren’t your only option, as using scraps you have around the house such as wrapping paper, old maps and fabrics will create an effective and utterly unique decoupage furniture project.

Chalk paint

Your beloved naturally sourced wood furniture can be lovingly restored simply by using chalk paint. This thick type of paint goes a long way and dries quickly. You can mix your own chalk paint by using flat paint and unsanded grout. This type of paint can be applied without sanding or priming the wood, meaning it is a quick and convenient way to restore furniture made of wood.

Simply apply the mixture evenly to a beat-up wooden dresser for example, wait several minutes and you’ll have a beautiful clean, white dresser that transforms the whole look of your bedroom.

Book Case

When considering interior decorating, furniture can be a very important part of the equation. If you are looking for a degree of style and quirkiness as well, then you can certainly find a design among the many businesses online and in the high street.

The modern bookcase has taken on a far more sophisticated look that those made a few years ago. In the days where flat pack furniture was in its infancy, build quality and workmanship suffered at times. This could sometimes be due to the new materials such as chipboard which wasn’t as strong especially if the unit had to be moved after construction. However, they were the forerunners for todays modern designs which are better in build and quality.

  • Design

The design of a bookcase is only as limited as the imagination of the people who make it. There are hundreds available like those at the online retailer chest of drawers. They have an a very contemporary but also traditional catalogue that can suit any taste.

  • Some of the many designs that you can buy are:
  • Nordic style that are simple and practical
  • Mosaic designs that are more random in their layout, but still classic.
  • Traditional wave oak design that are solid in their build and shape.
  • The Bric a brac design is for those who want something a bit different.

Some bookcases are not even freestanding, some are either attached to the wall with feet that offer support, or they are units attached to the wall to create a floating style bookcase.

  • Materials

Bookcases can come in a variety of materials that offer both a classic feel and a more modern approach. They can be oak or teak which looks beautiful and is strong and hard wearing. There is also steel or glass which complement a more modern home. All the materials are designed to ensure the best possible quality is maintained.

The important thing to remember is that you need to consider the room that the bookcase will be occupying. Other furniture, decor and the function of the room all have an impact on things that are added.

Whatever the design or the material, a bookcase can be a bold statement in the room as well as just being a place to hold books and other items. It shows a little about the homeowner and their taste in furniture as well as the character of the room.

Bed Throws and Family Fun

Bed throws are perhaps the most versatile piece of home decorating. Everyone knows that they can be used to make your room look great but, especially on a rainy day, did you know that they can be used to do a whole assortment of other things that you and your family would have fun doing? Not only are bed throws just the right thing to bring together a bedroom or a salon, but the other things you can do with them are only limited by your own imagination. If you are looking for something fun to do, why not take a look at this list to see all the great times you can have with nothing but your kid and a plain blanket:

1)    Build a tent: This might take a few blankets and some chairs, but you’d be surprised how much fun children have by putting a simple throw in the living room to make their own fort.  You can pretend it is a castle, a circus, or any other type of building.

2)     Go on a picnic: Of course, the most essential part of any picnic is the food. However, what picnic would be complete without a nice, big blanket to put all the food on? Picnics are a great way to bond with your kids and get some sunshine and exercise all at once. If it is a rainy day, you can even pick out a large patch of floor at home and have an indoor lunch!

3)     Dress up: Bed throws can also be used to play dress up. Weather you and your children want to pretend to be super heroes, princes, a roman senator, or a genie with an incredibly large turban, this piece of fabric fits the bill perfectly.

4)     Playhouse: These versatile pieces of decorated cloth can also be used to make your own theatre. All you need is to set up two chairs with a broom in between the two. You put the blanket on top of the broom and, voilà, your own theatre curtain!

These marvelously simple games and activities are sure to be a hit with your entire family.  Whether you decide to play dress up, make a playhouse, build a tend, or go on a picnic, everyone is absolutely sure to have a good time. However, there are many more things you can do with a simple blanket. Make up some activities of your own, and have even more fun!

Why Buy FSC Furniture

There are a number of concerns that most people tend to keep in mind when they buy new furniture, but most of the time the environmental impact of the furniture they select is not one of the deciding factors. Even though a great number of people would like to be sure that they are making a smart and environmentally responsible decision, there just isn’t always time to make researching every company a priority. That’s where FSC furniture really makes a difference, because you won’t have to investigate the furniture you buy to know that it is coming from a sustainable source. All you have to do is understand the label.

FSC furniture simply means that you can be absolutely certain that the wood has been sourced sustainably, from a company that makes their environmental impact a priority. As more companies start to do this you will see the label more frequently, and when you do see it you can trust that you are doing your part for the environment. FSC certification has the backing and support of a number of organizations, such as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund just to name two examples.

You might worry that this would limit your options somewhat, but in fact FSC furniture has matured to the point that you should not be stuck for options at all when selecting beautiful pieces of wood and wooden furniture for your home. The choices available to you will run the gamut of all available options, and you can be almost certain that if you find a piece you would like to purchase, even if it is not FSC certified, you will be able to find a similar if not identical look built to the same or a greater standard of quality from an FSC source. Since these are companies who care about the product they create, high quality items are what you should expect to find.

The actual certification process for the FSC label is carried out independently by companies who have been accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council, and it is the job of these certified companies to look at any piece of wood which applies for the label and make sure that it can be traced back to a sustainable forester, landowner or company. FSC furniture is something you can trust when you buy and you should feel great about having made a choice with the environment as a concern, just as the company you are buying from did!

Tied Edges Pillowcases

At the end of each day, the stressed of the world can be overwhelming.  When you come home, you are looking for serenity.  The bedroom is the one place where you can seek sanctuary and solitude from the rest of the world and all of its chaos.  It is the place where you retreat when your day is over, the place you may feel most at home.  The key to creating a serene environment is minimalistic elegance.  You want your bedroom to be sophisticated, all while bringing together the elements of simplicity. Image the calming effect of simplicity. The sheer beauty of a minimalistic style is the clarity and comfort it brings.  After working all the day long, you need a place in which you can disregard the stresses of the world. Just let them all drift away as you fall into a sound slumber. This type of relaxation is normally from spending a day at the spa. Why not bring that feeling to you?  Bring all that warm, peace, and stress relief straight through your own doorstep.

Cotton is a wonderful classic in the home. It is loved for the pure comfort it brings. Synthetic fabrics do not begin to compare with the luxurious feel of crisp cotton bedding.  The tied corners of the soft jersey cotton pillow cases make a lovely addition to any home. These coverscome in a set of two.  It is the absolutely perfect complement to the tied edges of the duvet cover. This is a completely lovely and minimalistic look for any bedroom. It is absolutely stunning, and is certain to bring a modern touch to your home.  Modern rooms boast clean lines, with a great deal of sleek sophistication.  These pillowcases are most certain to satisfy anyone who makes them an addition to their home. The jersey cotton blend is perfect for a comfy look.  This fabric is the epitome of pure comfort and softness. This would look strikingly brilliant with other sleek and modern fixtures, such as a simple piece of art work, or a modern night stand.  All of these details will bring a refuge for you to come to at the end of each day.  Imagine yourself relaxing surrounded by so much comfort.  This look, for your home, is sure to bring you a sense of sincere peace, happiness, and relaxation.  Can you not just envision yourself drifting away on this comfortable bedding?

Top 5 Advantages of Solid Wood Furniture

How many times have you heard a person say something like, “They just don’t make things like they used to?”

Well, it’s true. These days we live in a highly disposable world where we are constantly getting rid of old and unwanted furniture to be replaced by new versions which will inevitably also have an expiration date.

But this isn’t true of solid wood furniture, and it really never has been. People are willing to pay top dollar for antique furniture and new items made from reclaimed wood, and the reason this is even possible is that they are built to last for centuries.

When it comes to solid wood the benefits are clear and they are many, so read on below for a few of the key advantages.
1. Longevity
Just as I mentioned briefly above, the number one reason to use furniture made from solid wood is that it will be around for a very long time. Perhaps the most important thing to understand here is that these pieces don’t have to be antique or built from reclaimed wood, because brand new items are made at the same or even higher levels of quality today. That kind of longevity without having to break the bank seems like a no-brainer.
2. Durability
In some ways this is saying the same thing, but what I really mean here is more in terms of cosmetic defects and damage, not simply breaking down with age. When a table made from solid wood is damaged, as in the form of a dent or a scratch, it can be very easily repaired with just regular cleaning and maintenance. Dents and scratches are themselves evidence of strength, because solid wood has a bit of give which allows it to sustain such damage without breaking through. This makes solid wood furniture incredibly strong, and if small flaws can be easily corrected you are getting the best of both worlds.
3. Aesthetics
On the other hand, in a lot of cases it’s the small dents and scratches which make a piece of furniture look stunningly beautiful. That’s a large part of what people are willing to shell out for when they buy reclaimed wood and furnishings, adding to the inherent character of the piece. you can stain and distress your solid wood, specifically pick out pieces with prominent knots and grain, or you can opt for furniture with a virtually flawless surface if you so choose. You can have it either way.
4. Environment
Some out there might not have been expecting this one, but it is actually very true these days. When you buy solid wood furniture you are not chopping down a rainforest, because modern forestry is more about sustainability and companies that deal in wood plant more trees than they cut down. In opposition to that you have furniture made largely from plastics and composites, and other things that not only create large amounts of pollution during manufacturing, but cannot be broken down in a landfill when they are disposed of– and once again, they are much more frequently disposed of.
5. Simple Maintenance
I mentioned earlier that you can keep your solid wood in top condition through basic maintenance, but just how basic are we talking here? Essentially, you’ll want to give these pieces a dusting now and then, and beyond that all that should be needed to keep them looking wonderful and new is a quick and inexpensive polish just once per year. If you do have a dent for example, it may be raised with nothing but steam, and a gauge can be easily filled with a simple wax, or sanded and refinished.